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Anonymous: I'm a makeup artist - For anyone who can't find other black lipstick on a budget, I suggest Nicka K Cosmetics. They're only $1.49 each, are highly pigmented, and feel SO soft. Only bringing it up because some eyeliners are not tested for use around the mouth area, so be safe! <3

Thank you so so much for sending this in! 

Have a wonderful day and thank you once again [:


I’m also going to start posting cosmetics~ 

From lipsticks to eyeshadows and eyelashes etc ^-^


Anonymous: Hey I want to begin transformation into the pastel goth style but how do I start? Like do I just shop for clothes in pastel goth style?

Hello there~

Well, pretty much yes, this is how you start x3 You’ll have to find which clothes match the style :’3 doesn’t have to be expensive clothes, you can simply find some in stores near you, you’d be surprised how many things you can find!

This is a guide if you’d like to read it, it’s more specific~:

I hope it’ll help you! If you have any questions please message me again!

Have a beautiful day~!


Hello everyone!

Happy October, hope you have a wonderful month~

Halloween is almost here! Bet everyone’s excited c:

I’ve been studying for my IGCSE exams that I have in 2 weeks so I’ve been a touch absent and I realllly apologize, I’m gonna make it up to you guys! Thankfully I finish soon.

I hope you all have a wonderful day, a wonderful month and remember you’re beautiful!

Love you all, thank you so so much for your support, you’re all wonderful <3