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If any of you beautiful people want to share something whether it’s an accessory or clothing links or share your own Pastel goth outfit feel free to submit a picture to get featured ~ c: 

Anonymous: how can I become pastel goth without having to go shopping?

Well if you have anything in your closet that matches the style then mix and match those^ ^

Otherwise if you don’t really have anything then I’m afraid you’ll have to go shopping haha xD

Also for the hair you can just style it instead of coloring it and getting a wig^^

I really hope I helped!

Have a wonderful day!


Anonymous: Any tips for non pale or darker pastel goths Come on I'll take just about anything XD

Hello there^-^

One thing I always say about skintones and clothing is that you always have to find something that compliments your color^^ But you can’t go wrong when you mix a pastel color with black c:

I would recommend..lavender I believe andddd possibly pastel pink^^ feel free to experiment and see what looks best on you c:

I realllly hope I helped! Have a wonderful day~


Anonymous: any pastel goth tips for picking a hair color for someone with a darker skin tone while still looking pastel goth

Hello there!

You don’t necessarily have to color your hair. I kept my half brown/half red hair ^^ but if you want to you can go for a black color! c: or depending on your skintone you can find a color that compliments your skin^^ I am unsure of your skintone but..maybe a pastel pink? o;

You can also get wigs if you’re unsure c: has great wigs x3 I have never ordered from them but I’ve seen a LOT of positive feedback and pictures from other people who have ordered stuff from there! has wigs too ^^ I ordered from there before, I would totally recommend them :3

I really hope I helped! Have a wonderful day~


Anonymous: I'm kinda pastel goth already but how do I get into pastel goth more. My mom doesn't allow me wearing black makeup (only eyeliner) and nothing dark, I wear black and purple a lot and it's kinda works but I need help Ps I love ur blog



It’s alright if your outfit isn’t dark c: 

You could wear a black top that matches the style with pastel pants(mint, lavender anything light^^)

Or the opposite! Pastel tops with black pants :3 

Also: graphic shirts, creepy designs, dripping letters, dip dyed shorts, leopard prints, galaxy prints are something usual in Pastel Goth^^

As for the make up it’s alright if it’s just eyeliner for now, you can also use a white pencil on your waterline or white eye shadow in the corner of your eyes,a long with the eyeliner,it gives the thought of a bigger eye too c:

I really hope I helped! If there are any more questions please feel free to message again!

Have a beautiful day!


weheartpastelgoth this was my post thx you so much you really helped me out!! I love your blog!! Thx you sooooooooooo much.

- kisses,

Oh my gosh I just saw this^^ Thank you so much, your support means a lot to me, thank you for sending an ask <3

Anonymous: I'm a Christian trying to be Pastel Goth so any ideas what to wear

Hello there~

First things first^^

I’m just going to clear up something because I see a lot of misunderstandings so this is for everyone to see guys not just for this post D:

Wearing inverted crosses isn’t “evil” or “satanic” it is simply St. Peter’s cross ^^ I am also a Christian and I wear Pastel Goth. So wearing that is fine!

Hmm, personally I don’t believe that you could offend anybody by wearing Pastel Goth..You can pretty much follow the style^^ 

If you’re looking for something specific:

I really hope I helped you!

Have a beautiful day!