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First day of fall! I know it’s the first day of spring for other people c:

But, either way, I hope September is a wonderful month for you all!

Good luck to all those who just started school and don’t you worry about anything c: Don’t stress yourselves either!

Thank you all for your love and support~


wide-eyedandblind: Hey, I'm looking to find some Irish pastel goths for a project I'm working on - could you maybe spread the word and help me out? It'd be very much appreciated!

Hey guys, if anyone can help please do~ Thank you all 

Anonymous: Hi I really love pastel goth and I want to get into the fashion, but I live in quite a cold and wet climate, do you think it's possible? Can you give me some tips maybe? Also, do you know any other good pastel goth blogs I can follow for inspiration? :) Thank you for running this great blog!

Hello there~

Of course it’s possible, this is why cute sweatshirts and sweaters are for <3 !

Not to mention the cute leggings and comfy pants c:

I will be posting lots of fall/winter clothes now that weather’s changing so be sure to check them out if you’d like ^-^


are by far my most frequently used blogs ^ ^

Have a beautiful day~


postcards-and-pxlaroids: I'm going to Japan in late September and I was wondering if anyone knows of any good pastel goth stores in/closely around Tokyo? If you do just shoot me an ask c:

If anyone knows please message  ^ ^!